H3C WAN Backbone Solution - H3C AD-WAN Functionality Validation

H3C WAN Backbone Solution - H3C AD-WAN (Application-Driven WAN) Functionality Validation

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Document Number: 223115

Publication Date: 7/16/2023

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H3C AD-WAN (Application-driven Wide Area Network) is a standard SDN network architecture, as well as a fusion, layered, open, and intelligent network architecture. It integrates intelligent analysis modules, intelligent control modules, and intelligent management modules to achieve a unified, integrated network control center and intelligent brain that combines "management," "control," and "analysis." It provides network coverage across the entire domain and end-to-end business orchestration. It is user-oriented with a unified portal, achieving "single sign-on, one-click issuance, comprehensive guarantee, and unified operations and maintenance." By combining big data analysis and AI learning capabilities, it captures real-time network snapshots, performs offline modeling, and enables intelligent insights, simulations, and troubleshooting of the network. It also supports cloud capabilities such as one-hop access to the cloud and network programming through technologies like SR or SRv6. The AD-WAN bearer network solution empowers enterprises to achieve intelligent digital network upgrades.

H3C commissioned Tolly to evaluate the AD-WAN bearer network solution, and the results show that the H3C AD-WAN bearer network solution not only achieves standard SDN functionality but also expands and extends its capabilities.

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