Dell PowerEdge R760 Rack Server & Emulex LPe36002 HBA 64G FC

Dell PowerEdge R760 Rack Server & Emulex LPe36002 Host Bus Adapter 64G Fibre Channel Enables up to 4:1 Application Server Consolidation

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Document Number: 223125

Publication Date: 7/16/2023

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New generation technology can be expected to improve performance. There are times, however, when  multiple technology  advances  can  combine  to provide an outsized advantage. Such is the case when the Dell PowerEdge R760 Rack Server is combined with the Broadcom Emulex LPe36002 64G  Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapter.

Dell commissioned Tolly to benchmark the database performance of the Broadcom Emulex LPe36002 64G Fibre Channel dual-port host bus adapter (HBA) running in the Dell PowerEdge R760 Rack Server and compare that to the same combined workload performance running in four separate, R740-class servers each outfitted with a 16G FC HBA as was standard with that server generation.

Tests showed that the new R760 Intel Eagle Stream-based platform's increased CPU power and  improved  memory  performance/capacity  provide  an environment where the database application can push the   Emulex 64G FC HBA  to full  line  rate  performance  of  64GFC  thus  matching the  combined application throughput of four R740-class Purley platform servers using 16G FC HBAs.

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