SonicWall NSsp 13700 NGFW Strategic Analysis vs. Fortinet FG-2600F

SonicWall NSsp 13700 NGFW Strategic Analysis vs. Fortinet FG-2600F

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Document Number: 223138

Publication Date: 10/18/2023

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Remote working and cloud computing have had a major impact on the way that enterprises conduct business. Universally, the shift to distributed work has put a focus on both security and connectivity. Or, in the context of this report, next-generation firewalls and SD-WANs. Given the array of services available, and the cost differential across vendors, it is prudent to analyze offerings before proceeding with an NGFW acquisition. SonicWall has designed its NSsp 13700 to excel in protection of large enterprises while maintaining an industry-leading price-performance ratio.

SonicWall commissioned Tolly to review the published specifications of its NSsp 13700 and compare it to Fortinet’s FG-2600F. Analysis was primarily focused on evaluating key total cost of ownership (TCO) metrics of the comparable solutions.

The Tolly analysis shows that SonicWall has a dramatically lower 3-year TCO for High-Availability  (HA) deployments compared to Fortinet while providing comparable or better security feature sets and performance characteristics. The TCO is enhanced by SonicWall’s High Availability licensing policy allowing a single firewall license to be used for both the primary and secondary (HA) appliance.

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