H3C CR16000-F Series Router Performance Evaluation and Feature Validation

H3C CR16000-F Series Router Performance Evaluation and Feature Validation

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Document Number: 223146

Publication Date: 10/10/2023

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CR16000-F is an H3C proprietary high-end router. Running on Network Processor (NP) chips, it provides rich features and delivers powerful forwarding capabilities. It runs the cutting-edge Comware network operating system, uses multi-core CPU and modular design, and supports distributed computing, high availability architecture, and varieties of services. It provides open, standard programming Python and Tcl APIs to meet the customization needs of customers. It supports advanced technologies such as SR/SRv6, FlexE, Flex-Algo, interface slicing, iFIT, and NETCONF, and is suitable for multi-service scenarios such as Metro, BRAS, IPRAN, and enterprise gateway. In addition, it provides complete SDN capabilities. Working in collaboration with an SD-WAN (H3C AD-WAN) controller, it enables automated service deployment, flexible network scheduling, multi-dimensional service assurance, and intelligent network operation and maintenance.

H3C commissioned Tolly to evaluate CR16000-F router’s performance, capacity, and features.

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